Well , where does one begin. Where does one really start writing when one plans to write. That’s the real question.

I wish I could tell myself why I’m doing this instead of my work. Yet, I know exactly why. It’s time to share, for once, what truly goes on inside my head. Sitting in that same chair I used to sit on for the last 3 years, next to the gigantic window and the balcony, here I sit again to start something new. A blog. Where you’ll get to learn a little about me (1 individual in a planet of billions). If that seems captivating and what you would like to do with your oh so precious time, then read on.


Life hasn’t really been the same since I left home in September. It’s been the most insane mixture of out of focused thoughts, action packed adventures and heart-breaking days. I am not sure how comfortable I truly feel about that answer. Yes, I loved the past months, but I WISH I knew where to start. That’s the problem. Seems like the world is frozen and I’m the only thing moving. Home doesn’t feel like home, feels familiar – same pink chair, same sheets and same boiled broccoli with some variation of soup. Home is now hoping for good soup in the canteen, or veggie lasagna for Thursday lunch. Pleasure is no longer a cup of coffee, that’s become a staple honey. Not the sensation but the taste. Where the soy milk meets the manufactured white cup too perfectly. When 2 shots of caffeine fell like a bite of chocolate – just an adrenaline boost, just simply an addiction. It’s really that third shot that makes the difference now. Why is the question. But where has questioning over and over brought anyone anywhere .Just deeper and deeper in your thoughts of oblivion and hope. Time to swim up little fishy. Things have changed, time to accept it and document.


Now I  sit in the library on the far side of Hong kong in a school filled with people from all around the world(literally), where ever turn of my head has a purpose, each day has a different motif and every month feels like a century. I, Giovanna Hunsrao, am writing a blog because it’s time to look back and smile 5 years from today when I read this on my way to get myself a soy caramel macchiato. A girl from plain balck hair to one with blue hair with blunt bangs. 162 cetimeters of frutis, good intentions and bi-sexual tendancies.

I, Giovanna Hunsrao welcome you to my world. A slice into a cake which is bitter sweet -coffee flavoured. I welcome you to a day in the life of my mind, which I believe isn’t your average vanilla.


Let’ explore together. 



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